5 Tips to Make Your house Party Successful

For those throwing a house party for the first time, here are 5 top tips to make your party a success.

1. Prepare

Prepare as much as possible in advance. If you’re preparing food, choose dishes that you can create the day before and reheat or assemble on the day. Ensure you have plenty of ice available in the freezer and have stocked up with everything you need. The last thing you want to be doing on the day of the party is rushing around supermarkets and shops desperately trying to find quiche and cocktail sausages.

2. Keep it Simple

Don’t over-complicate things. Whether its decorations, drinks or food, keeping things simple will ensure you’re not stressed out creating fancy food treats or giving your house a complete makeover. Don’t forget, after all, it’s a party and main agenda should be to have fun.

3. Music

Of course! Music a live wire of having and enjoying a perfect house party. You can’t have a party without music but you don’t want to have to keep changing songs, one by one to ensure that everyone enjoys. So, the best option is to download a podcast of any live party or famous DJ and play it on your iPod or MP3 player or even cell phone with approximately one hundred songs – that’s roughly six hours of music. So, it should be plenty, and connect it to your Wifi. This way you can just hit play and forget about it for the rest of the night. Since, you know your guests best, choose a selection of music that you think everyone may enjoy and keep the songs upbeat. Avoid any unpleasant doorstep confrontations by warning your neighbors in advance that you will be having a party and agree with them a curfew when you will stop the music and stick to it. It’s alright to have fun but others shouldn’t suffer

4. Drinks

There’s nothing like a bottle of beer or a glass or two of wine to help your guests relax and break the ice with one another. By all means provide a selection of beer and a few bottles of wine but unless you’re feeling really extravagant don’t feel that you should be providing drink for all of your guests all night. Just make it clear on the invites that guests are expected to bring their own bottles. Provide a number of bottle openers and corkscrews so there’s always one to hand and your friends aren’t hunting around trying to work out how to get the cork out of the bottle of Pinot Grigot with a screwdriver.

5. Keep things tidy

Provide plenty of paper napkins and a couple of large bins. This will make tidying up bottles and rubbish quick and easy. And as long as it’s clear where guests are expected to dispose of their empty bottles and paper plates, chances are people will mostly clean up their mess. Move any valuable items or furniture out of the way to a room that is out of bounds to guest. It’s inevitable there will be spillages and accidents, so the golden rule is if you don’t want something to get damaged move it.

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