I Still Hate PT Cruisers One Woman’s Manifesto

SpeedboatI’ll say that I have to agree with you about the Calvin stickers. The only one that I found funny was “Calvin pee’ing on DOT” (because I ran around with truck drivers for a long time).

Chapter 23) 'I' 뮤비 속 태연 스타일 따라잡기 - 포스트As for the PT Cruiser, I honestly never gave one a second thought…. Until last August. My rental car company gave me one to drive for a week, and that was all it took. It took from then until last weekend, but I finally bought one. I’m not one of those people who will buy the toys and the chains, and all of the little “PT Cruiser” icons. But, I do love the car.

I won’t get into the whole “Buy American” thing about why I love the car. But I will say that a car is an extension Fall/Winter – https://www.uniqlo.com/UniqloU18fw/us/en/men/ – of yourself. If you get into one, and you feel like it’s just not right, then you won’t like the car (no matter how ‘good’ it looks). I got into my PT, and it just felt right. To say that I felt like I wasn’t even in a car, doesn’t cut it. I felt like I was in control of my world. Even the Buick Century that I had before (for 8 years and 200,000+ miles) didn’t feel like that.

Benefits Of Using The best Online Grocery Store

When was the last time you went for shopping for groceries? The instant answer to this question would be last weekend. What was the experience like? With no hesitation, you would answer frustrating and cumbersome. Why has grocery shopping becoming a pain in the neck? Why do we spend such a long time in grocery shopping? Why aren’t we getting substantial discounts at the grocery stores?

Grocery shopping has increased due to the increase in population. The shopping malls or grocery stores that were once very less visited are being frequented almost every weekend. Home makers need fresh fruits and vegetables for their cooking so they have to get down to the market for fresh food items. There is a total time waste when there are long queues at the shopping malls or grocery stores. There is a lot of frustration that creeps in when shopping has to be done amongst a crowd of people.

Seeing this frustration, online grocery stores were born. These stores are like any other online stores, but with a slight difference. When you order groceries from online grocery stores, you have a convenience factor that will surely give you a pleasurable experience. Most online shopping in delhi ncr is done on credit or debit cards. Thus, there is very little transactions of cash. This makes online shopping more safer than the regular grocery shopping. There are several security measures taken by the online grocery store to ensure that your online transactions are completely safe.

In India, online grocery shopping is a growing trend that needs a little more time to become a fully accepted means of Indies shopping. This type of shopping is totally customized to our hectic lives so that we spend maximum time with our families. People who have never done online grocery shopping always have a question of quality and freshness of the food items that they would be ordering from the online grocery stores. To counter this doubt, most online grocery stores in Delhi are offering rejection options. This means that when you get the grocery items at your doorstep, you can reject them if they are not fresh. There are some terms and conditions that need to be checked out before you do the rejection of the grocery items. The delivery of perishable grocery items is on high priority for most online grocery stores. In fact, when you place an order in the evening, you can get the goods delivered in the following morning.

Before you place an order on the online stores, you will have to ascertain if online shopping is the right thing for you. The biggest advantage of online stores is that you can browse through thousands of products in just a matter of a few minutes. This is something that you will never be able to do in the physical store. You will have to understand the pros and cons of online shopping before you actually make an online request or order for the required grocery items.

Life Over 50

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A whimsical write on the ageing process Life over 50 how does it change us? what makes us different if anything?…..

how does it change us?

15 hospitais e a magia do Natal.what makes us different if anything?

we see the same things ……. though probably now through squinted eyes or glasses

we hear the same things … though you may have to speak up a little or slower

we smell the same things …. our nostrils haven’t let us down yet

do we feel the same?

hmmm no… our brains think we do, our bodies are less inclined

it’s our prerogative to have achy knees, hands, feet or legs, we have used them for a long time

to say what we want to though it may offend, our right to speak our mind

to be who we are without pretence

to laugh when possibly inappropriate or to cry when our insides tell us to

to enjoy ourselves like never before

we aren’t the younger generation any longer

we have had to work hard all our lives to get our possessions

we are grateful for having learnt manners and respect for others and not be cruel or bully

we worked up the chain in our jobs to obtain a higher rank

we can be who we are without apology

our mind tells us age is a number…our bodies remind us it isn’t

That’s all nothing more, nothing less

we can groan when we stand up, bend down, sit, squat or wake

we can repeat ourselves

we can forget things

make mountains out of molehills


we can be tired, grumpy, hysterical and delirious

we can be over the moon or wet our pants from laughing too hard

we remember parts of our childhood & perhaps some of our youth

we wonder if we had our time again would we change anything

we do secretly wish for an anti ageing cream that works

we would like our skin to be smooth as a babes bottom again

but can we have it ….no

do we accept our laugh lines on our faces…we should

for they are ‘us’ they tell our story of what we have done and where we have been without a spoken word

would we wish to go back in time and change who we are or how we are

but how would we change things, we are who we are because of what we have experienced in our lives, what we have

learnt, what we have taught, what we have been shown, where we were born, how we were brought up

to change ‘us’ would mean the changing of events, experiences,relationships, friends, colleagues and family that are

around us

we went through pain to feel the happiness

we went through sorrow to feel the joy

we went through hardship to have good fortune

and that I don’t think I want that to change

we can be many things, we have gratefully lived till now, and we will continue to do so…hopefully.

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Two kinds of folks usually tell the truth, an old person who no longer cares what people thinks and a toddler who doesn’t know any better. Aging has its advantages as well as its disadvantages, telling the truth is one of them.Great article!Credo

You are exactly right there Credo. Thank you so much for your honesty. Glad you liked the post.

All About Online Gaming And Its Legalization

Online gaming especially poker is a popular form of entertainment that involves taking the risk of winning some money. Earlier the only way to play such games was to go to a gaming bar, but things have changed now. The world of internet has taken over everything and gaming is no different. You can now sit and play cards from the comfort of your home and enjoy most of the poker games. The online gaming industry is seeing a big jump in popularity. You can play most of the games such as mahjong, bingo, a lottery as well as sports betting online. There are various benefits of playing card games online instead of playing in a gaming club. Some of the key advantages include the following:

With so many benefits associated with online gaming, there are a high number of Twitter – what google did to me https://twitter.com/u?lang=en – potential customers. Online websites can make a significant amount of money to the customers as well as advertisements. This additional money is given away in the form of rewards and deals which prove beneficial for the users. There is a very high demand for online gaming because of which many sites are keeping coming up. The introductory deal provided in these online websites proves very beneficial to the users but selecting a good site to play an online game is important. Following are points to look for in any such internet site:

It is not legal to play such online game in the United States. With so much demand by the public and the increasing size of the industry, things could change in the coming future. There has been a lot of push to make the online gaming and poker industry legalized in the United States. Many of the private firms, individuals as well as certain government agencies have come up in support of the online game. Some locations in the United States such as West Virginia and Pennsylvania have presented the bill which is gaining momentum.

Test for a report.pdf English: this is a test Date 21 December 2013, 20:06:27 Source Own work Author Jean-Rene Fouré

Many users are eagerly waiting to hear the good news of online gaming becoming legalized. Plenty of users invest in online games, and many of them are winning a lot. If you are looking for the latest news and updates about the online card game industry and its legalization in the United States, you need to stay updated. Over the last few years, many websites have started that provide all information related to online gaming. If you are a beginner, gather all information about online games like poker and how to succeed. Do not start playing with the professional players until you understand the basics. Read reviews of other players to act smartly and win big money through online gaming.

Portable Toilets For Events And Ooccasions

Romantic Valentine’s Day bouquets

The portable toilets have existed before the beginning of indoor plumbing. These portable toilets are lightweight, efficient and have many more sanitary variations. They have a common facility for the elimination of human waste. But, now people prefer to use an indoor plumbing for transporting human waste from a receptacle to a sewer system. If you cherished this write-up and you would like to acquire a lot more details relating to Johannesburg (http://www.bbc.com/travel/story/20180906-how-a-johannesburg-skyscraper-became-a-symbol-of-democracy) kindly stop by the web-site. Indoor plumbing is done through a series of pipes and other plumbing apparatus. Before this indoor plumbing system, people often attended to their need of eliminating waste in an isolated stall that was located outside of living and working quarters.

Portable toilet facilities are often included as one of the last priorities while arranging an event. It is needed to be fulfilled during an event. There are various types of portable toilets are available to solve the sanitation problem in an event. Many times when people plan an outdoor event or work on a site, there are some facilities fail to be up to the mark. Here, I am mentioning different types of event portable toilets that you can also get from Event Factory.

1. Mains connected portable toilets

Main connected portable toilets offer full level of cleanliness. These toilets are a popular choice for work sites. This type of portable toilet flushes waste directly into the sewage system, as there is no need to gathering waste in a tank. These toilets offer the almost same functionality of a permanent toilet. These toilets are very easy to install. These can be fitted with either cold water or hot water basins.

2. Portable urinals

Portable urinals are made for big events. A portable urinal is a way of making the overall portable toilets which serve more people. It requires less clean facilities for other portable toilets. These units come in a variety of styles. It includes simple stand units that are without doors and screens between the several urinal areas.

3. Standard Handicap accessible portable toilets

These toilets provide additional room and also handrails for wheelchairs. These toilets are specially constructed for handicapped people. They can found on three of four porta potty walls and these units are required to meet ADA regulations at large events.

4. Baby change portable toilets

These baby change portable toilets are best for family events. No matter, whether it is a private or public, a baby change portable toilet is very helpful and convenient for parents of babies. These portable toilets generally have a drop-down changing table for family use. This gives the larger space and the extra facilities needed for changing the clothes of a baby.

There are many manufacturers of event portable toilet rentals in San Luis Obispo county, who provide the rental facility of portable toilets. You can also contact the Event Factory for renting these toilets. So, next time while planning of any event, make sure about the proper sanitation by using portable toilets.

The Sword And Dragon

Mathias is an author who, in his past, spent several years in a Texas prison for minor drug possession. While he was there, he wrote several full length novels, and read several hundred more. The novels were written in longhand, without the luxury of spell check, or word processors, or even a dictionary.

Mathias has been clean and free since his release, and he has every intention of staying that way. He says: “Writing was my salvation. I was on a Maximum Security Unit for a while, over a few fights. I was in a modern dungeon cell 23 hours a day, everyday. Every word on every page of The Wardstone Trilogy was a moment of freedom.”

The books:

The Sword and the Dragon- When the Royal Wizard of Westland poisons the king so that his puppet prince can take the throne and start a continental war, a young squire is forced to run for his life carrying the powerful sword that his dying monarch burdened him with from the death bed.

The Royal Dragoneers-Hold on to your dragon! An Ivory antlered demon called Gravelbone, has a plan for the humans who are invading his territory. Join some brave young men and a particularly clever magic wielding woman, as they traverse the wild frontier, and sail the sea to warn their king. Then hold on for your life as you tear through the pages, because the pure blood dragons they have befriended have a plan too!

M. R. Mathias also writes paranormal thrillers under the pen name Michael Robb. His haunting chiller The Butcher’s Boy is now available as well.

In the authors own words:

The jewel you see glowing in the ring in my author’s photo isn’t really a jewel at all. It is the crystallized tear of a real dragon. In my novel “The Royal Dragoneers” you might find the moment where this wonderfully magical tear drop fell from a green dragons eye. It hardened on its way down to land in a mess of troll corpses that the dragon was laying on.

My grandfather died before I was born, but the ring was given to me by my mother, after my grandmother recently died. My grandfather had apparently won it in a poker game near the Red River between Texas and Oklahoma sometime in the early 1900’s.

It has been a boon, the magic of the teardrop, for it brought you here to me didn’t ACE (check these guys out) it? Now treat yourself to something fantastic and try out the free sample of one of my novels. I hope you enjoy the journey. It will be spectacular.

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How Construction Manager Build Business On Firm Foundatation

The construction business is notoriously unpredictable. Big names in construction, like Skanska, plan years in advance for all the various risks they face. Just like the big guys, you need to be ready for whatever the construction industry throws at you. And that means that your business needs to be built on a firm foundation. To really succeed in 2016, contractors must take control of their businesses and address critical issues. Here is some advice on how to better manage your company.

Hire Good Salespeople


Contractors in the construction sector need great salespeople. That’s because they construction industry is one of the most complicated from the point of view of the person buying. There are rarely any set prices. And projects don’t always remain the same from start to finish. The problem for many managers, however, is that their firm doesn’t always hire the best people. Sure, you might have a salesperson on your team who can deliver a slick sales presentation. But do they have the ability to take questions and answers? And can they actually listen to and assuage a prospector’s concerns?

Control Your Overhead

Construction businesses live and die on their cash flow. That’s why it’s so important that you do everything you can to control the amount your company spends. If you work onsite with cranes, look for timber mats for sale. If you run a fleet of trucks, investigate insurers who offer fleet discounts. If you pay for phone bills and travel expenses, look for ways to make savings using credit card rewards. The list of ways to save money is potentially endless. Just make sure that you regularly check each item on your bills to ensure you’re not needlessly overspending.

Be The King Of The Local Market

The bad news is that it’s hard to stand out on the global stage in any industry. The good news is that it’s super easy to do in your local area. If you’ve spend much time as a construction contractor, you’ll know that your rivals aren’t always the most tech-savvy people. If they’re not online, there’s a good chance you there’s nobody else competing with you online in your immediate local area. In other words, you’ve got a captive market, ready to do business with you. There is much you can do to rise to the of the pyramid in local search. You could redesign your website, put your business up on Google and start an Adwords campaign. You could also write guest posts on relevant blogs and get complementary businesses to backlink your site.

Increase Worker Productivity, But Don’t Destroy Morale

Morale in the construction industry tends to be quite good. But that doesn’t mean that we should rest on our laurels. Some companies have a habit of saying the wrong thing. Take the construction firm that recently told it’s employees they hadn’t been productive enough. If you have any inquiries about where and how to use Boy, you can call us at the web page. It demanded that employees repay some of their wages and that they had been “overpaid.” The result, of course, was disastrous. The effect was to make staff less willing to work and even less productive. If you’re a manager, remember to praise in public, and criticize in private.

Clinton Shows No Signs Of Leaving Race, But Why Should She.

As voters in Ohio, Rhode Island, Vermont and Texas headed to the polls potentially to decide the Democratic nomination for the presidency, Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton on Tuesday urged voters to settle in for a nomination fight that could roll on for months to come.

“You know this is a long process,” Mrs. Clinton told reporters Tuesday morning outside a polling place in Houston.

It was an entirely different message from the one delivered by former President Bill Clinton just a few weeks ago, when he told Ohio and Texas voters that his wife would not succeed without victories in those delegate-rich states.

I’m not sure I really blame Sen. Clinton for staying in the race. It’s only a hunch, but I get the sense that the media is about to turn on Jesus Obama. If that’s the case it may be just the opening Clinton needs to regain the upper hand. No matter how partisan you might be, it’s pretty hard to deny that Obama has gotten one of the biggest free passes in history up to this point.

Barack Obama honestly has no record at all in the Senate. I’m not supporting Hillary or Obama, but to elect Obama would be to put the fate of the country in the hands of someone armed with soaring oratory and little else.

I also find it amazing that Obama has gotten so much traction with his argument that he was against the Iraq war from the beginning. He says he never voted for the war, but that’s because he hadn’t been elected to the Senate yet. So his argument is that he would have voted against it had he been their. How the hell do we know that?

Maybe he would have, but that seems like a mighty thin argument.

As far as the general election is concerned I have changed my mind over the last couple months. At first I was convinced that Hillary would be the easiest for Republicans to beat, because there’s already so much built-in hatred.

However, now that I know McCain is the Republican nominee it’s changed my opinion about the race. I think rapid ascension of Barack Obama is largely due to the media’s refusal to question anything about him.

Once the general election kicks off and the Republican machine greases its wheels and settles in for the fight I think you’ll see a very different race.

Obama’s lack of record is going to be the fundamental issue in the general election if he’s the nominee. Obama’s single accomplishment as a freshman Senator is that he’s run for President and that’s it. He’s spent the majority of his first term not doing the people’s business, but on the campaign trail.

John McCain can point to what he’s accomplished as the basis for what he’ll do as President. Obama on the other hand can only make promises. Obama likes to pretend he’s the “uniter” who’ll reach across the aisle to get things done, but his short time in the Senate just doesn’t reflect that.

John McCain on the other hand has a long history of reaching out to Democrats, much to the chagrin of his fellow Republicans. The fact that he’s irritated the right-wing of the GOP for so many years is McCain’s greatest strength in the general election.

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Planet Inspired Solar Power, Time To Send In the Robots

A mechanical arm, guided by cameras, for mounting solar panels faster. Robots are being built in Germany that could help reduce costs and time

Letter E Watercolor Floral BackgroundRobots are being built in Germany that could help reduce solar panel installation costs and time. The project is currently being developed by two companies, PV Kraftwerker and Gehrlicher, and permits faster and cheaper installations, making it possible to also work in non-optimal weather conditions or at night.

The project provides for the construction of robots capable of working automatically in installing solar power systems on the ground: the initial expense could be recouped in less than one year of steady use.

How does it work? The robot is built with Japanese components and comprises a mechanical arm with suction cups at the end. It can lift and position the solar panels, guided by a series of video cameras that provide a sort of “three-dimensional view”. The machinery is mounted on a track vehicle capable of operating on any type of terrain.

The robot is designed to assemble solar power systems with panels that are four times the size of those installed on residential rooftops. The idea is to save money on labor, which accounts for a growing fraction of the cost of solar energy, unlike the cost of the panels that is dropping. According to the robot’s manufacturer, PV Kraftwerker, the installation of a system that used to require 35 workers can now be done by just three workers in one eighth the time and at roughly half the cost.

While ideal for ground systems, there are still some difficulties for mounting solar panels on rooftops: the shape of the surfaces vary too much, making traditional manual labor still cheaper and more efficient at this time, also because workers are indispensable for attaching the metal frame, screwing the panels to the frame and making the electrical connections.

As Technology Review reports, PV Kraftwerker and other companies are developing robots which, guided by GPS, may also be capable of installing the frames for the panels. The idea is to eliminate the need for the solar panels to be screwed in, that would instead be glued to the frame, even allowing robots to make the electrical connections. Michigan This type of robot could be useful for bringing electricity to areas with difficult weather or environmental conditions. One example is Japan, which has commissioned a prototype of this robot for installing solar power systems in the contaminated areas near the Fukushima nuclear plant.

Interview With Mack Mulluncey, Author Of Euthanasia

When Alex left the clinic that day, she thought she could move on from the rape that left her pregnant and the agonizing decision to have an abortion. That is, until the child she thought she left behind contacts her. Terrorized by mysterious phone calls and guilt, Alex feels her sanity slipping away as she becomes convinced that she must find the man who brutalized her to make a family for her dead daughter.

Anti-abortion crusader Tobin Bartell wouldn’t have it any other way. As the Leader of The Movement, when he’s not organizing protests or giving speeches, he’s orchestrating a campaign of harassment against women like Alex…and plotting to kill the local abortion doctor.

And Tobin has no shortage of candidates for the job: Paige wants money, Courtney wants love, Derek wants to belong. Tobin just wants it done…and it doesn’t matter to him who does it.

Life. Death. Murder. It’s all the same to them.

I wrote Euthanasia in the mid-nineties after watching a talk show about those haunted houses where they show you aborted fetuses and such. I hadn’t planned to write a novel about the abortion issue at all before watching that show, but I became intrigued with the idea of what could happen if an anti-abortion group went completely off the rails. The result was The Movement, which uses extreme and abusive tactics to get its point across—not the least of which is plotting to kill an abortion doctor.

I’m working on a novel and a collection of short stories right now.

At the risk of sounding unbearably arrogant, I wouldn’t. I worked really hard on Euthanasia and I feel like I did what I intended to do with the story, and I did what my characters needed me to do in order to tell their stories. I’m really proud of it, so I can’t think of a single thing I would want to change.

I’m a naturally curious person—my curiosity may border on nosiness at times though. I love learning new things and I love asking questions.

I tend to be really hard on myself, even in situations that I don’t need to be.

Although Euthanasia is about the abortion issue, I would like people to know that the novel was not written to advance a political point of view. If you are you looking for more info on Lamar (Read More At this website) look into our own web site. It’s not a pro-life book or a pro-choice book. I hope that readers can enjoy the book no matter what their political beliefs are.