Find Some Interesting Christmas Gift Ideas For kids

As the festival of Christmas comes near, the kids’ start writing a wish list of presents that he/she has to receive this holiday season. The list includes almost everything that he/she spotted in the toy store.

Now, instead of gifting regular and rather expensive jewelry-making kit, full-size drum kit or Elsa costumes, here are some unique and creative gifts for toddlers which are under 50$ and will definitely put a smile across the child’s face:

Play-Doh: Create a world of Play-Doh creatures and see them come to life like never before. Just download the Play-Doh Touch app, shape a Play-Doh, place it on the Shape to life studio and scan from the smartphone, the creation will come to life on screen and ready to explore.

Intergalactic Trooper: For Star-Wars fans the Stromtrooper is probably the best gift for Christmas. The InteracTech Imperial Stromtrooper uses a motion sensor to respond and has over 65 different sound effects and phrases.

Fairytale Salon: For girls, gift her cool princess salon kit. It features Princess Rapunzel as the client and the kit includes 5 hair clips, 8 ribbons, a brush, a salon chair and ribbon spinner.

Troll Buddies: The movie DreamWorks Trolls comes to life with cuddly Troll dolls. The kids can personalize their own Poppy, Branch and Diamond Doll with cool outfits, a number of hair accessories, different sound clips and many more.

Game of Pie: Just grab the whip cream and have a pie showdown that the whole family can enjoy.

Uno Splash (Finding Dory card game): For a family night at a beach, Finding Dory UNO card is the best game for kids. The cards are water-resistant so kids can take the deck by the pool and play without any difficulty.

Quadrillion: Quadruple the fun with Quadrillion. The kids click 4 magnetic grids together and then they have to get 12 puzzle pieces to fit the game board.

Disney’s Frozen Sing Along Boombox: Present your mini-Elsa with the boombox, which is packed with movie’s famous songs and catchphrases. Also, this toy connects to MP3 players for tuning her other favorite songs.

Telestrations: Here, each player gets a word, draws it and pass their drawings to other players. Then the person writes the words the drawing illustrates and those words are passed and drawn until the original words are revealed. Upto 6 players can join this game.

Emoji Maker: The Crayola Emoji Maker allows the kids to create their own customized emoji. The kids can spread colorful messages with 16 different custom stencils.

SKLZ Midnight Pro Mini Basketball Hoop: The glow-in-the-dark basketball hoop and ball will keep the child’s game going even after the lights out. It is shatterproof and small, enough to fit the door.

Barbie Fab Fashion Closet: This closet comes with complete accessories like dresses, purses, shoes and jewelry that your child and her Barbie will love. The closet has a carrying handle so that the fashion fun can be carried anywhere.

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