For By Rekindling The Flame Within

Above all, let who you are, what you are, what you believe shine through every sentence you write and thereby lighten the way and the hearts of us all.

When obstacles impede or pains and fears impale you.

Pregnancy Woman I Will Mother Happiness TeIt can be complicated and frightening to work or fight your way through.

If you can surmount the problems though, your zest will soon renew.

HG GTO 1/144 샤아 전용 자쿠 I 해외 리뷰 - 블로그If dire threats loom on the known horizon,

That freeze your mind and drain your will to keep on keeping on,

Pause, gather your strength, and stride briskly forward into the breaking dawn.

The only way to know for sure your present path is right

Is to find yourself flat on your back and get up again to fight.

For even on the bravest and the best there sometimes drops a darkening night.

If you choose to hide and cower in times of trial and tribulation,

You will abdicate your power to transform the situation.

By choosing to work against the tide with calm and confident determination.

If you struggle through your troubles with quiet wisdom and real power,

Your effectiveness will start to grow and deepen with each passing hour.

Thus, you create a spirit neither dangerous times nor demon fears can hope to devour.

Though the challenges look enormous and the risks may seem extreme,

It is more than worth the effort to pursue your fondest dream.

You must believe enough in you to revive your drive and self-esteem.

So despite the perils of the moment that frustrate and impair you,

Rise and make a valiant effort to reclaim your world anew.

For by rekindling the flame within, you let your light come shining through!

5 comments on Shining Through

Thank you so much. I have been inspired by others and seek as best I can to return the favor.

Mess (Full File)As ever!

Love this! Thank you for shining your light! 🙂

T J,

Thank you so much. Here on BrooWaha, so many of us have so much worth saying and thus, so much worth reading, I just wanted to send a shout out to encourage anyone I could reach.

Shari G,

Thank you so much. Your positive advice so clearly and consistently given was something I sought to lend some support to with this ode to letting one’s little light shine, shine, shine!

There are many bright lights on BrooWaha and I would hate to see any wink out!

Thanks again!

Again you baptise me. I am reborn. I am an admitted fallen one. But, like numerous times..I rise from the muddy waters..clean and fresh..healed and illuminated.

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