Joseph Schneller Releases Humorous Devotional

Who says devotionals have to be serious? In Joseph Schneller’s new devotional, Your Average Joe: Unplugged, Christians are treated to a book that is humorous and insightful.

Juan: “O Ibra é folgado e o mais difícil de marcar” - BTS #118Schneller writes for those tired of the canned answers for everyday believers desiring to live in faith amidst the joys and pains, the responsibilities and tragedies of life. Through 30 daily devotionals and a half-dozen humorous articles, he presents honest, often humorous encouragement for our Christian pilgrimage through this fallen world.

Tackling such issues as:

– job dissatisfaction,
– a crisis of faith,
– using our gifts to honor the Lord,
– how marriage changes your life,
– daily Bible reading,
– coping with fear,

and more, Schneller voices inner struggles of faith that resonate broadly among Christians.

Early praise for your Average Joe: Unplugged called the book, “Exceptionally warm and witty…” and “a brand of street-smart theology that is very appealing.”

Sandwiched in between the devotions are previously published humorous articles about things like taking out the trash, becoming a parent, painting, epidurals, and shopping.

Here’s a brief excerpt from one of these articles:

At some point after the honeymoon (usually Day #2), your wife addressed the Division of Household Responsibilities. One of yours is taking out the trash. Why are you responsible for the garbage? Because it’s in your genes, just like it’s in your wife’s genes to decorate the house with tiny books entitled Friendship Is Forever, Precious Puppies, and Fuzzy Things That Squeak. (Side Note: At some point, you will be tempted to place one of these books beneath the short leg of the kitchen table. But unless you enjoy indoor cold fronts, leave the books alone.

Your Average Joe: Unplugged was released in July by Nordskog Publishing, whose motto is “Meaty, tasty, and easily digestible Biblical Treasures.” The book is available from the publisher’s website and at

Joseph Schneller served as a captain in the U.S. Marine Corps and holds a Psychology degree from Whitworth. He is an alumnus of the Christian Writers Guild. His publishing credits include Focus on the Family’s Thriving Family, Clubhouse, and Focus on the Family; LifeWay’s Stand Firm; and Walk Thru the Bible’s Indeed. He writes nonfiction and humor for adults, and fiction for children, youth, and adults. He and his wife, Kippi, live in Colorado with their two young boys.

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