Keeping Fit Indoors In Winter

If you are a skiing or a snowmobiling fan, then winter is a great time of year. However, if cold and snow isn’t something that appeals to you, then you probably spend the winter months waiting for the spring to come around. The problem with this is that it’s really difficult to stay fit during the winter – most of us end up with extra baggage that we have to burn off once the days start to get longer again. Not only that, spending time at the gym during the winter is both expensive and monotonous – which is why many of us don’t keep up the commitment. However, there are a number of enjoyable indoor activities that will keep you in good shape during the winter months.

If you want to get into the spirit of winter without freezing to death, why not head off to your local skating rink? As long as you put on a good heavy sweater, you’re going to be nice and warm – particularly when you start to work up a sweat zooming around the rink. In fact, skating is great exercise – it’s aerobic and can help you to build great muscle tone. In fact, if you weigh 150 pounds, you will burn about 520 calories an hour when you go ice skating – and even more if you press on a turn of speed. That’s only a little less than you would burn if you were to go running for an hour. Ice skating is also relatively inexpensive, and you should be able to get lessons at the rink if you are a beginner.

If you like team sports, then indoor basketball is a good option. This isn’t as aerobic as ice-skating, but it does help to build muscle strength and develop agility. That is going to serve you in good stead once the weather starts to warm up again – and your coordination will be better as well. The other good thing about indoor basketball is that it is typically lower impact than outdoor basketball – so it puts less stress on your joints. This is because an indoor basketball court surface is typically made of a modern, high-performance material that gives you better traction and cushions your steps when you are pounding around – unlike an outdoor concrete court.

For something that appeals to the artistic and romantic nature in you, give ballroom dancing a try. If you beloved this post along with you would like to receive more info with regards to Wiktionary generously check out our own webpage. You may think that this is a gentle activity for the older set, but you would be wrong. Dancing can be incredibly energetic, particularly if you manage to get to the highest levels. While you’re not going to burn many calories if you do a slow foxtrot, a fast Jive or Quickstep is going to get your pulse racing. Not only that, ballroom dancing is a great way of meeting other people – it’s fine if you show up with a partner, but there’s no problem if you arrive by yourself. In fact, some very popular ballroom dances – such as the Samba – don’t require a partner at all.