Mad Dash For Clunkers

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C’mon Category Five, you can do better than that. The fact that we are the only industrialized nation without a government funded healthcare program makes us the envy of the world simply because we’ve figured out a way to let the private sector take care of it. A friend of mine’s mother-in-law fell and broke her hip two weeks ago. She’s 84 and the surgery to correct the break was performed the next morning. She went home from the hospital today after making better than expected progress while under “private medical care”. Under your socialized medicine plan, she would have never been given that surgery, she would have received some pain pills and sent home because the surgery would not have been approved for her because of her advanced age. She would have been sent home and by now her hip would have started trying to repair itself leaving her unable to walk at all, whereas she is home with a walker and expected to be fully ambulatory within six more weeks.

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I don’t know if your parents are still alive, but if they are, you’d better pray Obama-care doesn’t pass because if it does, and your elderly parents get sick, they won’t get a doctor, they’ll get an “end-of-life counsellor” who will basically say to them, “you know, you’re old, you’ve had a good life, the government isn’t going to treat you for your pneumonia. So, enjoy these last few days of your life while you drown in your own mucous and don’t worry, we’ve already got a nice place picked out to bury you when you die next week.”

I’ve talked to lots of seniors who have nothing better to do than actually sit and read the so-called healthcare plan and they’d rather keep Medicare as it is now than have this garbage shoved down their throat. If you have any inquiries regarding where and the best ways to use , you could call us at our own web site. At least with Medicare, they get a chance to die when it’s time and not because some moronic bureaucrat won’t give them the treatment they need. You think people die unnecessarily now? Wait until Obama-care passes, old people will be dying left and right in this country. So frankly, your assertion that we all lose when corporations control our healthcare is wrong. It’s when the government controls our healthcare that we all lose, period.

RelivLynn: Just thought you’d like to know that my 2003 Lincoln Town Car with it’s V-8 engine and weigh-in at almost 2200 pounds doesn’t qualify for the program either. But that’s okay, I get better mileage with it than most 6 cylinder Honda Accords.