Your Daily Intake Of Vegetables Challenge Increases

Jared Polis is on a mission to remove what some people consider to be one of the best bills Congress has passed in recent history.

In 2011 they voted that pizza was to still be considered a vegetable. Well, at least when it comes to school lunches “it’s a vegetable” according to the U.S. government. Under the proposed USDA school lunch standards, potatoes in school lunches, such as French Fries, and less than one half of a cup of tomato sauce — meaning most Pizzas — would not have been considered a vegetable. Branded bribery was afoot as food companies complained using around $5.6 million lobbying dinero.

Talking Points Memo reported at the time that the recent spending bill rejected the USDA’s suggestions and ensured at the time that pizza and fries would continue to be served, as vegetables, and federally subsidized. Federally subsidized school meals are required to contain a minimum quantity of vegetables. World’s That includes, as of now, pizza since it typically contains 2 tablespoons of tomato sauce and is counted as one of those vegetables.

The Colorado Democrat however hopes this SLICE Act will change this. The Los Angeles Times reports that Polis’ “School Lunch Improvements for Children’s Education” will adjust the math. Pizza’s 1/8 cup of tomato “paste” will be counted as only 1/8 of cup of vegetables and not as full serving.